Tired of work? This solution!

You often lazy to get up early and reluctantly preparing to leave the office? Or, you love coming too late, lingering lunch, and always impatient me-waiting at home office? If it had lasted a long time, maybe it's a sign you're tired of working.

You already want to stop working, the problem, the family's economic circumstances do not allow. Various conditions gave no other choice unless you have to keep working. But that does not mean you can only be silent and live work with a wobble. Many ways, really, through walls boredom. Pay attention to the causes of boredom, and then find the right way out.

If the profession or position in the office rarely-or at all tidak-- lets you 'see' the outside world, the fair if you get bored.

Be creative with your desk. Attach photos of the people you care, post screen saver picture of your idol celebrity, or mousepad pictorial adorable animals. Nothing wrong also put a table decoration or souvenir to remind you at times exciting fun, or tiny ornamental plants refreshing view. With notes, your profession does not allow clients to come directly to your table. Because, work desk too much 'personal touch' owner, could reduce the impression of a professional.

Your office in West Jakarta, while your house in Cibubur, East Jakarta, inevitably you should always leave early in the morning and go home when the sun was sinking. Not to mention a sense of disgust in the face of long traffic jams on the highway or congestion at several places in the city.

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Play favorite songs during the trip. Or, if you do not drive your own car, read your favorite novel or magazine. Every now and then ask your friends that you have not previously invited to jointly go to the office so you can talk and listen to the new story. Another way, change the time and route traveled. That way, you do not need to see the same sights from day to day.

For those of you who are very independent, working under the supervision can be very unpleasant. You really like the freedom to create, so assignment from the boss make you feel depressed, because it always had to obey orders.

If you still want to maintain your position, try to start to enhance the mindset. Rather than seeing the boss as 'the regulator' and 'ruler', look at the boss as your friend for success. But, if you've really can no longer accept the assignment (of anyone), you may need to consider an alternative to creating their own work, do business, for example.

by: pricilia.hatenablog.com